Welcome Megaeu Wood Fuel Ltd

Megaeu Wood Fuel Ltd is one of the largest producers of wood pellets, Charcoal, Firewoods, wood briqueete, coal briquette, Sawdust, Pine wood logs, spruce wood logs, oak wood logs etc in Portugal. The company was founded in 2007 in Portugal. The main goal is to produce environmentally friendly bio-fuel - wood pellets.

From the beginning we set ourselves the task of organizing the production, which would produce the highest quality products that complies with all European standards. Choosing a place to put a factory, we mainly focused on ecologically clean regions of Portugal.

The raw materials used by non-polluting waste timber and sawmill. When selecting equipment, we are primarily guided by its reliability, performance, environmental friendliness. Thus, in the process of pellet production is used equipment by leading European and Portugal producers, among them.

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